Sanico can offer your business some of the best restaurant linen.  We pride ourselves on the quality and the cleanliness of the linen rental products we deliver.  Our linen napkins and tabletops are professionally sealed after the cleaning process at our facility.  The linen products are professionally handled throughout the cleaning and delivery process to make sure your restaurant makes the best impression for your customers at all times.


It’s truly amazing how much a cloth napkin can add to a dining experience. It can change ordinary dinner into a memorable meal, “a quick bite to eat” into a night on the town. Better yet, it can keep your dining guests coming back for more. Linen napkins can do all this for less than you might think. Using cloth napkins reduces paper waste and this is why they are recommended by the EPA. We offer a wide array of colors in our napkin program to match your desired color scheme. Add linen napkins with our table linens and linen tablecloths to make a complete linen rentals program.


Linen tabletops provide a natural, soft texture between your fingers. The linen tabletops also offer smooth luxuriousness against your skin. Sanico delivers the soft feel of cotton, yet it doesn’t lint, peel, shrink, or fade like cotton. Sanico’s tabletop linens are consistently soft to the touch and remain elegant. We offer a wide array of colors in our linen tabletop program to match your desired color scheme. We pride ourselves on combining the sophistication and style you demand with the performance features you need. We offer the following sizes:

42″ x 42″ l 52″ x 52″ l 62″ x 62″ l 72″ x 72″ l 81″ x 81″

54″ x 72″ l 54″ x 96″ l 54 x 114 l 54″ x 121″ l 90″ x 90″


– Our medical gowns are extra roomy and extremely comfortable
– The medical gown is perfectly cut with a full 66″ sweep with roomy sleeves.
– The patient gown is a very standard 49 inch length with a 7 inch sleeve.
– The waist and neck ties of the medical gowns are made of very high quality twill tape and they are strongly connected to the body portion of the medical gown.


Sanico offers freshly cleaned and sanitized aprons for your business. Our apron program allows your team to remain clean through the process of cooking and cleaning. Did you know that aprons provide customers at your business with a confidence level of cleanliness? Also, did you know the use of aprons provides your employees with a higher morale while they are preparing food for your customers? Our apron rental program provides your business with a hassle-free process of delivering clean aprons on your required frequency.